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Retrieve Personal Information using Boarding Pass Published on Social Networks

This article want to be a POC (Proof of Concept) about how an attacker with bad intention could use your pictures published into Social Networks to retrieve information about you.

Are you readyyyyy?? ...Here we goooo!!

In the last days I discovered a Web Site that works like an OCR, it can reads the content of a Barcode Image uploaded. Barcodes type supported are:

  • Code 39;
  • Code 128;
  • PDF417;
  • Barcode Postal (IMB, 4state);
  • QR code;
  • DataMatrix Barcode;
  • ID cards Barcode

I started joking with different pictures that I found on different social networks, during my jokes I have been captured by a boarding pass' picture.

I decided to use it and try to identify the content of the barcode printed in it.

The first test failed, the second had the same result and then I decided to change Social Network. My first idea has been Instagram.

I looked for "boarding pass" using hashtag #boardingpass and I received more than 60.000 results.

I decided to focus my test on the picture reported below (it is censored for clear reason).

I copied the barcode, I saved it and then upload it on the website...I waited just 2 seconds and Bhoooommm! Data was reported into the web page:

  • Name's passenger;
  • Surname's passenger;
  • PNR code;
  • Departure place;
  • Destination place;
  • flight's number and so on...

Reading these data, came back in my mind my last trip and the email received from the flight's company. If I remember well, its contents was a PNR code and other flight's information...I checked my mail box and luckily I have not had deleted it!! It was still there! :)

The flight's company sent to me a PNR code in order to use it, in association with other personal data, to give me the opportunity to do Check-In, Checks my booking and so on.

So, absolutely you have just in your mind what had been in my mind after my little learn. Yes, it is right! I'd like to retrieve more personal information about this person from flight's company web site. Well, I will try!

...But, what is the flight company's names? From the boarding pass' pictures was hard to retrieve it and I decided to use the information inside the barcode to achieve my goal. Into the barcode's data the third part contains information about flight, I putted them into google flights website and...Bhhoooommm!! I retrieved a list of flight's companies that make this route.

The next step was easy, I checked the web site of the company in order to find the area where I can check booking.

The web page showed a form where PNR, Name and Surname were required. Doh! I need a Name and Surname of this person...I decided to come back to Instagram in order to retrieve info about this person.

It was not a hard work, the person has as "account's name" his name and surname.

OK, now I had everything I needed, I inserted the data and... (look by your self!).

Into the web page is reported everything, (Name, surname, ticket's price, date, etc.)

This is only a demonstration about how much is dangerous to publish your pictures on social network!! It is not a way to force someone to perform dangerous and illegal acts!!!


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