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Magic Mirror Project

This story started one year ago, when I went to MakerFair in Rome, an event created bt Make magazine to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. There, my eyes has been catched by the Magic Mirror, a mix between a mirror and a computer. I asked a lot of information regarding the object and I remember I thought: "I want to build one of this by myself". During my way home was impossible for me to forgot that object. Arrived at home I switched on my computer and I started to googling how to build it. I was very busy at those time, so I read a lot and stored everything in my mind in order to use this information in the future. At the end of the last year I went back to my open projects and I decided to complete it.

In which DDE attack would be used:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1 Monitor HDMI, LCD or Led between 15 and 19 inc.
  • 1 Magic Mirror Software (to develop)
  • 1 Plexiglas tails
  • Mirror's film
  • ...and something useful to use like a minor

I made some research and at the end I decided to use Android as OS because I am very able to develop apps for this environment, so everything would have been faster. So, I found a good custom Android ROM and I installed it in the Raspberry Pi 3.

I decided which features I'd like to have in my Magic Mirror and I started developing and Android's App for my Magic Mirror.

I decided, as base, to have the time, date, icon weather and relative temperature degrees. Then I decided to add a services to have the daily news.

In the meantime looked for a HDMI monitor that could fit well with my goal. I found and bougth it and when I finished Magic Mirror app has been the time to test it.

The result looks like pretty good. The next step was to dismantle the monitor's plastic cover in order to kepp only the panel. I did it and then I measured its size in order to buy the plexiglass sheet.

I found a plexiglas sheet bigger than I need, so I have to cut the it. But this task has not been the most difficult part...the hardest has been to apply the mirror's film in the best way as possible.

Of course, I have not been able to do the best job ever and as you can see there are some little bubbles. The next step has been to fix the plexiglas with the monitor and this has been very easy thanks to the film cut longer than the need.

At the end this is the result! Me and my girlfriend mirrored into the Migic Mirro! :)

The last step was to have a suitable and beautiful frame for the Magic...and voilà the frame!!

There you can see the back of the Magic Mirror, with the monitor, its switch, the Raspberry and part of the cables.

At the end, this is my Magic Mirror!

Next steps? Integrate it with a microphone, a speaker and Google Assistant!

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